Google Chrome crashes 10 seconds after start

Starts happening yesterday without any notice:

When starting Google Chrome (19) you can wait approx. 10 seconds (or navigate for approx. 10 seconds), then it crashes and displays a message box that it crashed.

After searching, I found a posting saying:

This worked for me.
1. Add “–disable-sync” with your shortcut
2. Update Chrome
3. Remove “–disable-sync” from your shortcut

I tried it out and can confirm that adding “–disable-sync” actually hinders Google Chrome from crashing.

Since there is currently no update available, I have to stick with the switch being present, since removing it again still crashes Google Chrome.

Update 2012-03-01:

The “–disable-sync” does not work anymore, it now even crashes with this option activated.

So the solution now was to close Google Chrome, delete the folder “%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data” and start Google Chrome again.

Thanks to synchronization, most of the settings where restored again from the Google Servers, after some hours.

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