Free VistaDB Data Builder Download

OK, the headline is kind of misleading. Actually this is a minimal tool to edit the content of a VistaDB database.

Since the regular VistaDB Data Builder is only available for developers that purchase a license, but my web design co-workers need something to edit data inside an existing VDB5 or VDB4 database, I quickly assembled a very small .NET 4.0/2.0 WinForms application:

The application is as minimalistic as can be:

  • Only editing existing table content (new, edit, delete rows)
  • One main window with a list of tables and their content
  • SQL direct window for entering SQL queries and executing them to the grid with F5
  • Double click or right click for editing
  • One detail window to edit
The main window:

The details window:

If you do like the tool, just download and run it! I’m happy about any feedback from you 🙂

Source Code:

See also my similar tool for Microsoft Access MDB databases.

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3 thoughts on “Free VistaDB Data Builder Download

  1. Janek says:

    Hi. I’m currently looking for a tool to view VistaDB databases. Found yours but unfortunately I get an Exception (Encryption Key not valid or something)

    Can your share some code on how you got the list of tables?

    It would be much appreciated.


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